Galerie Minimal
Gallery for Minimalist Photography

Galerie Minimal is the gallery for minimalist photography. Founded in 2018 by Florian Wassily Kazimirski and Fabian Willi Simon in the creative heart of Berlin, it aims to be a unique center for this wonderful style of contemporary photography. In our online shop we sell strictly limited art prints with bright pigment inks on high quality cotton papers. Photographs like paintings with impressive colors and timelessly beautiful compositions.

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Minimalist photography

International Minimalist photographic artists such as Jon Setter, François Aubret or Natalie Christensen draw their motifs from everyday life. They discover them through a very special view of the world. To the always the same – the everyday banal. They do not simply photograph – they create. Sometimes schematic descriptions of the topography, sometimes purely planar, abstract compositions. Sometimes detailed, sometimes expansive. The aim is always to reduce. To show things as they are. What can be discovered in them – or what you, as an observer, can discover in yourself through them. If you just get involved with her. To look at them or see through them. To find something you weren’t looking for.

Limited edition photo fine art prints in gallery quality

All works of the Galerie Minimal are produced in pigment print, also called giclée. This special art print ensures high colour fastness and durability of the prints and can guarantee colour fastness for well over 70 years. We only use high-quality 100% cotton papers as carrier material. With its characteristic, pleasantly soft feel and a soft felt structure, it gives our art prints three-dimensionality and impressive depth of field. Together with the pigmented inks, masterpieces are created with brilliant colours, deep blacks, captivating contrasts and perfect reproduction of detail.