Written by Galerie Minimal

On 13. Januar 2020

Artist of the week #2-2020

This week we feature Russian based photographer Svetlana Smirnova with her series “Primitives”.

Svetlana describes her project as situated on the line between photography and graphic abstraction. The basis of “Primitives” is a dialogue between color and form; a game in flattened space where beauty is sought in the ordinary. Svetlana, removing everything extraneous, finds harmonious combinations of color and form, where a fragment of the urban landscape becomes an abstract composition.
The material for the project is the place where architecture is defined by function and devoid of the decorative. The minimal resources used require a spartan form, and the cultural (national) properties determine the colors of buildings and architectural elements. In Svetlana’s works, you can find the influence of the legacy of Russian constructivists.

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