Written by Florian Kazimirski

On 16. September 2019

Artist of the week #38

Our artist of the week is @jonsetter His photography primarily focuses on urban spaces and architecture. Jon wanders through cities looking to document a perspective that is normally not visualized. In his flat compositions, he abstracts the space into its components, which he skillfully recombines into independent works of art. Jon has exhibited in a number of shows and has been awarded a number of photography prizes in numerous locations. Most recently with Life Framer and the International Color Awards.⁠
We want to give 5 of you the chance to meet Jon Setter for a photo walk on the 24.09. 4PM in Berlin.
You can find all the details on our website galerie-minimal.com/events⁠
By the way! Don’t forget to visit our last guided tour of our current exhibition “The Deconstructed Self” by the great Natalie Christensen coming Friday.⁠

What do you think about Jons work?⁠ Let us know in the comments and if you also want to get featured, just click here

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