Written by Galerie Minimal

On 15. Dezember 2019

Artist of the week #51

Our featured artist this week is the Canadian photographer Kristopher Matheson and his series B-Side.

Living in Japan he feels an attachment and wonder for the substance of the cities, its objects, its buildings and the chaos of the streets.

While many photographers are always on the lookout for new places, “B-Site” is the result of visiting the same places over and over again.

“…What began as walking around new areas became a habit to visit and explore the same areas again and again, observing gradual changes to the landscape, objects and colours…”

While his visits he is on the lookout for something that has been overlooked so far. For something void. Something that perhaps says more about the people in this place than the image of the people themselves.

“…it’s in these moments I feel an attachment and curiosity for the substance of the city; less wonder for its inhabitants. This project is an ongoing exploration of the B-Side of the city. This is not the textbook, picturesque side of the city. This is the altered landscape, the evolving scenery, the mundane; in these images you will not see people, you will infer their presence, yet you will not see them…”

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