“if you feel like being driven, without knowing why, then you might also know that hardly anything is doing as well as a bit (idling) and perceiving the present as (here and now)”



(noworriesjustsad) is an artist duo from vienna. lina schubert and florentin berger-monit. the graphic designer and the author/musician have been moving around the houses since 2017, capturing vienna and the world in small, minimalist compositions peppered with vienna humbug. everything as in the film (sixteenbynine) | pinch your eyes| find little stories (onewordshortstories) | against unfounded figurative | walls say more than a thousand words | form, colour, antidepressants | with a barefoot view into the excerpt | wait and snack until the sun is right | b.n.z.k.k. (not too much kitsch) | a.a.n.z.w. (but also not too little) |

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Finissage MNML

Finissage MNML

5th April 2019 6pm-10pm
After just over 3 months, it’s time to say goodbye to our first exhibition

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