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François Aubret

“To me, minimalist photography means simplicity and humor. It is the ability to turn the most mundane daily life scene into a magical work of graphic art. It makes people smile and appreciate simple beauty in their own daily lives.” François Aubret

François Aubrets work is a collection of geometries and patterns he comes across in urban environments. Like a graphic designer, he composes architecture, urban elements and nature into vibrant photographic designs. Despite the sameness of our modern cityscapes, François reveals the hidden beauty and humour found in them. François Aubret is a French photographer based in Paris. After working as a museum and exhibition designer in Shanghai and Los Angeles, he decided to use his creativity towards his own artistic practice and become the artist of his own shows. His background as an environmental designer influences the way he looks at his surroundings. To him this is where his sensibility for architectural details and dynamic compositions comes from.

Curriculum Vitae

2012 Master in environmental Design
Shanghai, China

2010 / Bachelor in environmental Design
Nantes, France

Exhibitions and Awards

2019 Aesthetica Art Prize – Longlisted

2019 Life Framer “Urban Stories” Shortlisted

2019 Minimalist Photography Awards, Honorable Mention (Abstract Category)

2018 Shanghai Photofairs (Group Show)

2018 Galerie Minimal x MNML (Group Show)
Galerie Minimal, Berlin

2018 / Brownie Gallery x Nail Art
Brownie Gallery, Shanghai

Minimalist photography

Minimal or Minimalist photography is in the tradition of the Minimal Arts of the 20th century. It embodies a style of contemporary photography whose language is simplicity. Her works concentrate on the reduction of pictorial elements to a minimum and the composition of components such as form, colour and line to – often picturesque – compositions.

François Aubret

Minimalist Photographers

Minimalist Photographers like François Aubret find their motives in everyday life. They discover them through a very special view of the world. On the always the same, the banal. Sometimes they are schematic descriptions of the topography, sometimes purely planar abstract compositions. Sometimes detailed, sometimes spacious.
It‘s always a matter of reduction. To show things as they are. What you can discover in them – or what you can discover in yourself, through them. If you only engage with them or see through them. To find something that you were not looking for. For us all this means mindfulness and the works of Galerie Minimal are their visualization.

Galerie Minimal

Galerie Minimal is the gallery for minimalist photography. Founded in 2018 by Florian Wassily Kazimirski and Fabian Willi Simon in the creative heart of Berlin, it aims to be a unique center for this wonderful style of contemporary photography. In our online shop we sell strictly limited art prints with bright pigment inks on high quality cotton papers. Photographs like paintings with impressive colors and timelessly beautiful compositions

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Selected Fine Art Prints in small, limited editions in gallery quality can be found in our online shop

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