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All photographers are invited to participate in our competition on Instagram. There is a place to win in our next exhibition “Vu-Jàdé”. That means, we present one of your photographies throughout the exhibition. The theme of the competition is “Vu-Jàdé”. Find out more about the term below.

To participate, you must follow our Instagram profile and then post your application image as a story (do not forget tag @galerie_minimal_berlin).
Closing date is April 19th.
Then a top-class jury will decide on the winner.


Natalie Christensen

Natalie Christensen

Santa Fe








Vu-Jàdé is the title of the second exhibition of Galerie Minimal. He describes the opposite of the memory in the new – the déjà vu – and thus the new discovery in the familiar. A wonderful word to describe the effect of Minimal Photography.

Isn’t it just about getting something surprising from his everyday life? Through a loving look on the banal to establish a new perspective and thus show the infinite manifestations of the moment

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