After just over 3 months, it’s time to say goodbye to our first exhibition MNML. It was a great time and we are happy to give you a final tour of the exhibition. Of course, there will be something to drink and one or the other artist will once again give the honor.


When: Friday April the 5th
6pm – 10pm

+49 (0) 30 235 68 0 48

Galerie Minimal

Minimal photography describes a style that strives for simplicity and objectivity. It’s not so much about manual technical effort, not about elaborate staging, groundbreaking post production … It’s much more about composing the everyday.

To extract the aesthetics from the everydayness and to expose the banality of the aesthetics.

If you want to know more about minimal photography, you will find many interesting articles in our magazine.



Alex Harbich

Paul Eis

Dennis Schnieber

Wassily Kazimirski

François Aubret

Liz Watson

Gianfilippo De Rossi

Jon Setter

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