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by | Sep 8, 2018 | blog

What is a FineArtPrint? A Fine Art Print is the highest quality level in the reproduction of photographs. So no poster printing or other crimes. We use pigment printing with Epson K3 inks on Hahnemühle quality paper. And to make sure every work is really perfect, it is subjected to a thorough quality control after printing. Real handwork. In this way, our fine art prints remain colorfast for over 70 years and are still a feast for the eyes after many years, just like on the first day.

What is an edition?

Photography as an art form has always struggled with its technical reproducibility. While in painting there is no doubt that there is only one original of a work, high-quality art photographs are produced in a specific edition. This is the edition. This means that no more than a certain number of copies of this photograph are produced in the entire world. And that, at least for us, regardless of the formats produced. Each art print you order from us is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. On this the number of the edition is noted. For example, 49/50 + V. So the 49th copy of a maximum of 50.

What does the “+ V” stand for after the edition? The V thus 5 stands for the number of artist’s copies. Because every artist is allowed to make five prints for themselves. However, these are then not intended for sale, but for the archive, for test prints (to find the perfect paper type), or other occasions.

What is a pop-up gallery?

This is a temporary exhibition. A temporary use that can take a day or several months. Meanwhile, pop-up is a business model and in every major city today there are rooms that can be used temporarily.

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