Written by Florian Kazimirski

On January 13, 2019

Galerie Minimal goes Hyatt

Galerie Minimal goes Hyatt

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The new year starts for us with very good news! Us, that is Fabian and me as well as our artists. In cooperation with “Neugut”, a Berlin agency for art and music, we start on 19.01. the year with a very special exhibition opening …

We are transforming the Jamboree Bar of the Grand Hyatt on Potsdamer Platz into an urban hotspot for the next few weeks, blending Minimal Photography and Minimal House Music into a unique atmosphere.

Join the opening and meet the artists and DJs.

Date: 19. January 2019
Time: 9 pm
After that: Every weekend

A cooperation of: Grand Hyatt Berlin, Agentur Neugut and Galerie Minimal. In our first exhibition, we present works by Alex Harbich, Fran├žois Aubret and Wassily Kazimirski.


Regardless of this, our exhibition “MNML” can still be visited from Friday to Sunday from 11am 00-170:00 am at the Galerie Minimal in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Please note: On Saturday, 19 July. the Minimal Gallery will be closed

otherwise it would be straight I+II // Alex Harbich // from 199ÔéČ
Kreuzberg I+II // Wassily Kazimirski // from 199ÔéČ
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