Written by Florian Kazimirski

On 7. September 2018

How it all began

My name is Florian Wassily Kazimirski: When I was about 10 years old, I began to take pictures and even then put more emphasis on straight lines than on classically “beautiful” subjects. I discovered these lines everywhere and nowhere. In backyards, on house facades or between things.

My mom often made fun of me, of course lovingly. Once again, as if frozen, I held my camera down to something insignificant and at most a millimeter moved a little bit to the right, then to the left until my tension released itself with the trigger and conjured a smile on my face.

a feeling like sneezing

I have always considered the world abstractly. Because I try to understand it abstractly. In all its fascinating simplicity. The easily overlooked details, while not to give them an inflated value. Just to see them. To register and briefly explore them on the surface of consciousness. To expose them and let them disappear. A feeling like sneezing.

Until my studies, I remained alone with my vision and countless pictures of sockets, edges, shapes and colors. Then, during my training as a photography designer, which demanded a lot from me, I gradually discovered that I was not alone in my view of the world. And not only this. It also had a name that I kept untitled for my own little thing already.

minimal photography

Now. It is a broad concept and by no means every single-colored house wall with a window can tickle me, but they are out there. The people with a wonderful view of the everyday. People who bring the detail to the whole and the whole thing to detail and peel it with creative excellence and craftsmanship from the

world as Michelangelo did to his David from the marble block. Particularly impressive for me is the stylistic diversity of contemporary photographers. Depending on how it sounds in rich colors of large areas or subtly whispers it from elegant compositions.

the idea

Maybe it might seem obvious to you, but it took me until the idea came to me to open my own gallery and even longer until a door actually opened, through which I could and wanted to go. A year ago it was time. I decided to take the step and found a small but fine space in Berlin Kreuzberg and started work. One month ago,

I decided to leave my job and create Galerie Minimal. Together with my friend Fabian Willi Simon I opened the first gallery for minimal photography in Germany (please correct me, if that should not be the case) and fulfill my heart’s desire.

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