How Paul Eis paints facades

by | Nov 10, 2018 | blog, Kunst/Art, Paul Eis

In our current exhibition, the works of Paul Eis was met with great interest among our visitors. We want to take you behind the scenes of his creation and show you how Paul facilitates his unique images. Paul is the only photographer in our portfolio who intervenes with his pictures in a more fundamental way.

By explicitly coloring gray and mellow facades, he pleads for more color in the cities. He photographs modern architecture and subsequently “paints” it in the editing process in bright colors afterwards. To do this, he uses the well-known image editing program Photoshop.

A colorful makeover of architecture

IBA Berlin 1957
High-rise Bartningallee 11-13

Architect: Raymond Lopez, Eugene Beaudouin
Location: Berlin Hansaviertel
Completion: 1957

Behind the scenes

Residential house group 530
Waldsassener Strasse 39-49

Architect: Hans Bandel
Location: Berlin Marienfelde
Completion: 1967

Arwobau Apartment Building

Architect: unknown
Location: Berlin, Neukölln
Completion: 1971

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