Written by Florian Kazimirski

On 6. September 2018

Interview with François Aubret

Interview with François Aubret

von | Sep 6, 2018 | blog, current issue, François Aubret, Interviews, Kunst/Art

François Aubret is a French photographer living and working in Los Angeles. His “Graphic Encounters” are a documentation of hidden urban geometry and patterns that he encounters in his everyday surroundings.

In his works, he often juxtaposes the man-made nature, the colors, the textures and the abstraction of reality. His goal is to surprise the viewer with the extraordinary beauty and humor of the seemingly banal.

Graphic encounters

GM: Dear François, please tell us where you came from and where you live today.

François: I’m originally from France (Nantes) but I’m living in Los Angeles at the moment. I moved here 2 years ago after living in Shanghai for six years. That’s where I graduated and worked in Environmental Design.

GM: Your current work is titled: “Graphic Encounters.” How would you describe your style?

Francois: My work is a documentation of hidden geometry and patterns that I encounter in urban space. By combining isolated details of nature, architecture and urban elements, I create very vivid compositions.


These are sometimes so reduced that they translate the banal scenes into abstract works of art from colors and textures.

GM: Were you shaped in your style by other artists?

François: Yes, I have some role models. But I would highlight Ellsworth Kelly, James Turrell and architect Tadao Ando. The way they turn a room into walk-in works of art is extraordinary.

GM: Which of your own works do you like the most?

François: The pictures I like the most are the ones that are not just graphic, but also have a little spin. It can be a very subtle detail that makes me smile like in “Lot” or a peculiar coincidence like in “Alice.”

GM: What does minimal photography mean to you?

François: For me, minimal photography means simplicity and humor. It is the ability to walk magical, graphic works of art out of the most ordinary scenes of everyday life. She makes people smile and causes them to appreciate the simple beauty in their own lives. These photographs, to me, are an everlasting reminder that life doesn’t have to be as hard as we often like to be. You have to enjoy what you’re doing.

If something makes you miserable, start changing it. That drives me and I hope it also drives others to be positive and have fun in everything they do.

GM: Thank you for taking the time for our interview François. Finally, one more question: Do you have extraordinary idiosyncrasies?

François: I’m something of an organizational and order freak. I think this is also evident in my work:)

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