Written by Florian Kazimirski

On 16. Oktober 2018

Interview with Lina and Florentin of (noworriesjustsad)

Interview with Lina and Florentin of (noworriesjustsad)

von | Okt 16, 2018 | blog, Interviews, Kunst/Art, noworriesjustsad

This interview was conducted without uppercase letters.

GM: dear lina, dear florentin, thanks for taking the time for this interview. we are big fans of your work and look forward to learn more about you – let’s go: where are you from? where are you? where are you going?

F: I am originally from switzerland, but was socialized early on with viennese disgrace and – at first forced to – mostly grew up here.
L: always from vienna, peppered with long-distance wanderlust.

L & F: where are we going? literally: if possible once a month out of the city, somewhere where there is a lot of concrete, and then again like home in contorted vienna.

GM: how did you come up with the idea to photograph as a duo and how should I imagine this?

F: lina is a graphic designer, she sees the whole world in shapes and colors anyway and infected me with the same virus. We always go through the streets together when we can, fighting for the camera and the best view …

L: Florentin is a jack-of-all-trades and moves next to pictures in text and music too … and because we love each other so much and travel anyway, we thought: why not do it together?

L & F: our different approaches are also what constitutes (noworriesjustsad), as well as our process: we play the ball again and again until one says: yes! that’s the way it fits. in the photos, everything that we take from our other fields of work flows together in the composition.

GM: The titles of your work are referred to as (onewordshortstories). What’s it all about?
F: maybe small (pocketpoems)?
L: or (still fun) and (secondlayer) …?
Q: … to escape normal (captions)?
L: (view angle compression)? Q: (yes)

GM: Which of your pictures is your favorite picture and why?

L: phew.
F: hard.
L: indeed!

L: this one!*GM: yes! and why?

L: because it’s so graphic and it’s so easy to break it down into compositional surfaces.

F: It is so wonderfully flat!

GM: Is there anything you would like to communicate with your work?

L & F: If you know the feeling of being driven, without knowing exactly why, then you may also know that hardly anything does so well, as a bit (idle) and perceive the present as (here and now). composition in chaos? (Question mark)? (noworriesjustsad) is in the broadest sense (mentalawareness), as the name implies.

GM: Thank you both. We wish you (luck) (success)

*this one

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