Written by Florian Kazimirski

On 12. Februar 2019

Interview with Liz Watson

Interview with Liz Watson

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Liz Watson lives in Virginia, USA, where she works as a freelance photographer and graphic designer. In her works, she addresses the humanity and influence that we exert on our environment.

What do the objects we leave say about us? In trying to see things in a new light, she fades out everything that is disturbing and focuses on the overlooked.

About the overlooked and left behind

GM: Dear Liz, nice that you took the time for our little interview.

Hello Florian, hello Fabian – Thank you, very much. I am looking forward to working with you!

GM: Where are you from? Where are you now and where are you going?

I grew up in the amazing city of Richmond, Virginia, and now live in Chesapeake Bay, Cape Charles, Virginia. Together with my husband, we raise our two children here. But we have great travel plans as soon as our little ones have grown into independence.

GM: We hope your plans take you to Berlin too. To work as a photographer: What exactly does it mean to you?

I see photos everywhere! I am constantly composing with my eyes. That’s why I always try to have a camera with me, and if not, I try to enjoy storing the images in my mind’s eye.

A befriended photographer once said that a teacher of him impressed him with this appreciation and I tried to embrace it.

the mystery of things

GM: How would do you describe your style?

I was attracted to the photography of everyday life at an early age. The appreciation for the great beauty in the visible right in front of us really got me excited and it lasts until today. I am also attracted to the mystery of things. Objects contain all stories and we will never really know what they went through.

And I love color. With all this, William Eggleston will remain the champion forever, in my opinion.

I’m also a big fan of Martin Parr – I love and appreciate humor in photography. Stephen Shore and Helen Levitt are also at the top of my list. I would describe my photography as a frozen moment of the seemingly banal and often overlooked. I prefer color and character. Essentially, my work is a documentation of our humanity and the things we leave behind everywhere – trash cans, walls, buckets, wires – you know!

ignoring the unnecessary

GM: Are you a full-time photographer?

By profession, I’m a graphic designer, web designer and photographer.

GM: In our gallery, of course, this question is mandatory: What does Minimal Photography mean to you?

For me it means ignoring the unnecessary to create the most effective visual. To hide the noise and to appreciate the beauty.

GM: Is there something we should definitely tell our guests?

At the age of 7, I first picked up a camera in a summer camp and did not leave it out of my hands. I spent a large part of this camp in the darkroom and got the “Snoopy Award for Photography” (haha!).

the mystery of things

I continued to shoot until the end of my college, and then for some reason, except for a few works, stopped taking pictures.

Maybe all the crazy, new technologies have scared me a bit. Much of it is great but I do not need it. Anyway, I took a break and actually began to study jewelry design (I’m still designing jewelry today).

Then, about a year ago, I bought again a new camera, and the rest is history, so to say!

GM: Is there anything that you want to express with your work?

Look around – we are a strange and delightful species.

GM: A nice concluding word. Thank you Liz.

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