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Our magazine is an open platform for minimalism. We deal with art and design as well as other contemporary themes of minimalist lifestyle. For us, this includes mindfulness, social change, deceleration and more.

The magazine is published regularly as a print / digital edition that you can order or download on this page. Some articles also appear online and can be read here. If you have a post that fits our magazine, feel free to email us.

Together with the Berlin publisher KOCMOC-Publishing Space we are working on the second issue right now. The release is expected this summer. Sign up for our newsletter to get notified.

Editor & Creative Director: Florian Wassily Kazimirski
Cover image: Maarten Rots
Photography: Natalie Christensen, Stanislas Augris, Giacomo Tintori
Writer: James Kezman, Florian Kazimirski, Kevin Reduts, Jana Braumüller, Michele Ritzmann, Laura Wanselow
Published in: Berlin, Germany
Ecologically and vegan printed in: Berlin, Germany CO2 neutral, recycled paper