Written by Florian Kazimirski

On Oktober 17, 2019



By Florian Wassily Kazimirski

a bilingual magazine for minimalism

On the occasion of our first birthday we present in collaboration with the Berlin publisher KOCMOC – Publishing Space:

MNML – the first bilingual (ENG/DE) independent magazine for minimalism.

Art. Present Age. Social change.

It`s an illustrated book mixed with the characteristics of a magazine. Filled with inspirational pictures and articles, fascinating interviews and much more. 100 % environmentally sustainable printed, produced vegan and climate neutral. A collectable limited to 1,000 prints.

Release Party 23. November 2019 from 6 PM at Galerie Minimal Mittenwalder Straße 57, 10961 Berlin

MNML magazine is a community project and platform for topics art, the present age and social change. The movement is dedicated to mindfulness, appreciating moments and consciously slowing down your everyday life. The magazine is not only about minimalism but for minimalism.
In our very first issue (printed + digital) we introduce you to the photographer Natalie Christensen and discuss her psychoanalytic subtext. Next, we ask Leo Babauta: “Why should one be a minimalist?”, we talk about Vu-Jàdes, which advice a psychotherapist would like to give every one of its patients and how the “fashion changers” want to establish a new way of dealing with the fashion industry. This and much more can be found in the first issue of MNML magazine.

Photographs by Natalie Christensen, Maarten Rots, Stanislas Augris, Amanda Briggs, François Aubret, Liz Watson, Giacomo Tintori and many others.

Contributions by James Kezman, Leo Babauta, Nessa Elessar, Kevin Reduts, Laura Vanselow, Jana of the Fashionchangers, Lion Lion, Ani Menua, Nils Wadt, Michelle Ritzmann and Florian Wassily Kazimirski


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