Achtsamkeitsseminar Achtsamkeit Minimalismus Galerie Minimal Workshop

Written by Florian Kazimirski

On 20. Mai 2019

Our first Mindfulness-Workshop

Last Saturday, together with the psychologists Janina and Sören von Theselfcare, we organized our first mindfulness workshop. The demand was surprisingly large and so he was booked out in no time.
After a short introduction by the owner of Galerie Minimal, Florian Kazimirski, it started.
Two hours, Janina and Sören led through various mindfulness exercises to make the topics of mindfulness and acceptance tangible by means of the method of self-awareness.

By mindfulness we mean the ability of the mind to focus and become calm. A calm mind will enhance one’s ability to observe. The ability to focus on one thing (onepointedness) has been lost to many people. The reasons for this are manifold and are often connected with an oversupply of stimuli in the outside. We want to increase your ability to observe – your observation skills – as this is the precondition for your self-care.

Galerie Minimal is more than an art gallery. For us, minimalism is Zeitgeist and, in light of our common challenges, it is a holistic and sustainable approach to be happy with oneself and one’s environment in unison. Our art is the visualization of this idea, which is so much more and which we want to make accessible to other people. An important part of this idea is the self-care which means, among other things, mindfulness. That is why we are especially pleased that we can offer you a very special event in the future.

In collaboration with psychologists Janina M. Botsford and Sören G. Studer of we offer you a free Mindfulness Workshop. It will be about observing the inner and the outer perception and training them through mindfulness exercises. In the sense of self-care, we examine our inner voice to promote their own acceptance.

About our coaches

Janina M. Botsford


Psychotherapist in Education, ZGFU
Focus: Behavioral Therapy for Children and Adolescents
Ph.D. Student of the German National Academic Foundation at the Department of Clinical Psychology of the FU Berlin
Non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy

Sören G. Studer

Clinical Psychologist M.Sc.

Psychotherapist in Education, Berlin Training Academy
Focus: Behavior Therapy for Adults.

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