The Urban Text by Jon Setter Illustrated Book


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Title: The Urban Text
Author: Jon Setter
Format: 28 cm x 19,5 cm
Publisher: Emblem Books 2019
Cover: binded
Number of pages: 104
Genre: Photography

About the Artist

Sydney-based photographer Jon Setter makes pictures that attempt to reveal the unseen aspects of urban spaces and architecture. Often working with subjects discovered by chance on unprescribed walks, he documents cities from peculiar viewpoints. In ‘The Urban Text’ series he methodically develops colours, patterns, and textures of the urban vernacular into an abstracted expression of space, cropping and flattening the cityscape into boldly contrasting delineations and simple geometrical shapes, changing how we read our surroundings. Among the places he visited are Bali, Detroit, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Rome, Seattle, Venice, and New Zealand.

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