What is minimal photography?

by | Aug 24, 2018 | blog, current issue

The question I have encountered most recently is: “So … A gallery for minimal photography … What is minimal photography? ”

Minimal photography describes a style that strives for simplicity and objectivity.

It’s not so much about manual technical effort, not about elaborate staging, groundbreaking post production … It’s much more about composing the everyday. To extract the aesthetics from the everydayness and to expose the banality of the aesthetics.


“what you see, is what you see”

Frank Stella

The varieties are numerous. From schematic descriptions of the topography to purely flat, abstract compositions.

It’s always about reducing. To show things as they are. Or what you can discover in them – or what you discover in yourself through them. If you just look at them or look through them. To find something that you did not seek.

There is no such thing as minimal photography. And even if I’ve gotten used to writing it like a proper name, it’s probably not about defining anything. To beat a fixed point in the void and to write a Wikipedia entry. It’s about broadening the horizon. The moment, if only for one-eighth of a second, to take in and enjoy the objective aesthetics of everyday life.

“There is no particular reason to search for meaning.”

William Eggleston

In due course, I would like to go into the art-historical classification, or bore you with my concept of multi-dimensional design in photography … But not today.

Until soon, wassily

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