"The Urban Text"

Exhibition Opening 7. March 2020 from 5PM
Jon Setter methodically organises the repeated colours, patterns, materials and textures of the urban vernacular to develop an abstracted expression of space.

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April 2020

Exhibition opening 4. April 2020
Like a graphic designer, Fran├žois Aubret composes architecture, urban elements and nature into vibrant photographic designs.


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The Urban Text by Jon Setter
Illustrated book
Format: 28 cm x 19,5 cm
104 pages

Last Chance

Limited Edition Prints by Maarten Rots
His composition are dense and layered, but ot wholly abstract. They invite for multiple viewings.

Minimal Zine #1

Limited Edition
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232 pages

Milanese Colors

Limited Edition Prints by Giacomo Tintori

The Deconstructed Self

Limited Edition Prints by Natalie Christensen

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Subtle by Moritz Wahl (aotw8/20)

This week our featured artist is Moritz Wahl and his photographic collection about overlooked…

The Urban Text by Jon Setter (aotw7/20)

In anticipation of his upcoming show at Galerie Minimal in Berlin Jon Setter is our artist of the week…


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