Written by Florian Kazimirski

On August 13, 2019

The art of paper and pigments

The printing process

There are many details that distinguish a simple print from a Fine Art print. From the printing process through the selection of paper to the use of high-quality inks and uncompromising quality control throughout the whole process. It is for this reason that we collaborate with a renowned photo lab in Berlin not far away from our gallery to ensure a seamless process.

All works of Galerie Minimal are produced by pigment printing, also known as Giclée. With a state-of-the-art inkjet printer, microscopic droplets of 40 microns in diameter of lightfast color pigments are sprayed onto the paper. This method is used for high-resolution art reproductions because it ensures high color fastness and longevity of the prints.

It is all about the details

From a total of 11 different basic colors arise our fine art prints. As a result, a particularly large color space and color density can be represented.
In addition, the pigment inks are coated with a resin layer. This creates a particularly smooth surface when printing and the artworks are extremely durable and extremely resistant on the types of paper we use. Well over 70 years, our fine art prints remain true to color.

As carrier material we use only high quality 100% cotton papers by HahnemĂĽhle. With its characteristic, pleasantly soft feel and a soft felt structure, it gives our art prints three-dimensionality and impressive depth of field. It is acid and lignin-free, meets the highest requirements for aging resistance and is specially designed for the FineArt application. Together with the pigmented inks, masterpieces are created with brilliant colors, deep black, captivating contrasts and perfect detail reproduction.

Details of prints by Natalie Christensen


In principle, photographs today are infinitely reproducible. Therefore, the limitation, the so-called edition, of a work is the basis for acceptance on the art market. A collector knows, by specifying the edition on the work, which copy of the edition he has acquired, and how many there will be at most.
The work of our emerging artists, for example, are limited to 50 + V pieces worldwide. The + V (Roman 5) stands for the number of “artist proofs”, that every artist can freely dispose of. Our masterclass includes even stricter limitations with editions of, for example, 4 copies

If you have any questions about our production or our editions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With every purchased artwork you receive a certificate of authenticity

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